Ippudo, directly translated meaning "one wind hall", has a number of branches worldwide. The St. Gile's Circus offering might not be as authentic a setting as the Roppongi outlet that we visited in May, but the ramen still packs a punch. Busy with an early evening Sunday crowd, attentive and knowledgeable staff helpe us decipher the different types of ramen on the menu.

Starters of underfilled gyoza and an average Hirata Bun are all but forgotten when our bowls of limited edition Hakata Niku Tom and Karaka Tamago arrive. The former is deep with flavour, made all the more rich when the poached egg is stirred in halfway through, as advised. The latter is spicy with the miso paste, adorned with plenty of tender pork belly. We're given a choice of noodle type, we enjoy hard the best, with that extra bite.

Delicious ramen in an atmosphere that might not feel Japanese, but the ramen definitely tastes authentic.

Drink: Ape & Bird