Temper Soho

If you love bbq meat, and region hopping with flavours, Temper Soho is the place for you.  The brainchild of smoked meat maestro Neil Rankin (of Pitt Cue and Smokehouse fame), Temper is a subterranean den with a monster soundtrack, inventive mezcal-based cocktails, and a roaring fire pit surrounded by counter seating.

Walking in to Prince’s Controversy, we’re given prime counter seats and start watching the action. Meaty smells waft our way as we see huge hunks of meat being grilled, and we spy tacos being made by hand. Standout is the burnt end larb, off-cuts of pork, goat and beef in a Thai sauce. Slow cooked down to shreds, the meat is melt in the mouth tender, the sauce punchy and fiery, bursting with flavour. Coming a close second is a side of Jhal muri, (that’s Indian spiced puffed rice for the uninitiated). Crunch of peanut, a hit of chili, crispy pieces of rice, these all combine to induce a flavour explosion. Fatty smoked beef arrives sitting on flatbread, simple, delicious. Do order some garlicy green sauce for dunking. Crab and pickled onion pork skin are a wonderful surprise, with the powdered topping reminiscent of monster munch. Trust me, it works.

This is a place serving gutsy dishes in a setting with a great vibe. You’ll globe trot your way through the evening and may well leave smelling of meat, but who cares when the meat is so delicious.

Drink: The French House