Kanada-Ya Covent Garden

You can barely see into this hole in the wall ramen joint, condensation fills the windows hiding the eatery within. We join the queue that always seems to be there whatever the time of day, and as we enter about 15 minutes later we’re hit with warmth and an oh so comforting smell - that’ll be the 18-hour bone broth bubbling away. Here you have a small space, fitting a surprising amount of people, where service is quick, friendly and efficient.

If you’re after some heat, must order is the Gekikara - pork bone broth with spicy ‘tan-tan’ minced pork and belly chashu pork. Pretty as a picture, it tastes even better - some of the most flavourful and tender pork we’ve had the pleasure of eating, and a big hit of spice coming from the mound of mince. If you’re after a cheeky side, go for the  Hanjuku egg - that yolk is seriously good, just perfect in texture. Chicken karaage is the only slightly disappointment, it's not as moist as it could be.

Hands down the best ramen since visiting Tokyo. I’m wondering about a return visit as I type (Angel branch soft launch maybe?!)

Drink: Freud