Bun Bun Bun

With the sheer number of Vietnamese joints on Kingsland Road, queues out the door at Bun Bun Bun must mean it’s good, right? Thankfully, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Service may be on the slow side, but it is friendly, and the setting is relaxed.

After nibbling on spicy crackers whilst we peruse the menu, we fill our boots with beef Pho and pork Bun Cha. The Pho might not have the depth of flavour we experienced in Vietnam, but it is tasty nonetheless, a hint of aromatic clove coming through, with tender and plentiful slices of beef brisket and flank. Bun Cha is the star of the show, fatty and juicy pork belly alongside pork patties, with a sweet and moreish broth, and greens to add as you so wish. The bowl may look small, but it is never-ending. This is not a refined dish, but it is a mighty tasty one.

These guys are definitely doing something right. We would queue again.

Drink: TT Liquor