Camino EC2

How does the Tapas fare at Camino, the well-known chain? The latest outpost is located in Shoreditch, a large space with an open kitchen and outside seating. The menu offers a choice of classics, and more inventive plates, we order a mixture.

With barely a sip of crisp white Monrado Blanco wine swigged (very reasonable at £19.75 a bottle), all but two of ours dishes arrive at once, not quite the leisurely meal we're hoping for. Standout is the Iberico, thin slithers arranged on a board, deep with flavour. Also good are the croquetas, rich filling jewelled with pieces of serrano ham. The octopus arrives pretty on the plate, but the star of the show is the earthy beetroot, rather than the slightly tough octopus. Deliciously pink and tender Presa Iberica is overpowered but its raw garlic topping.

Overall, classic dishes fare better than the rest, and we leave feeling underwhelmed.

Drink: The Allegory