Coqfighter E1

Coqfighter, can you live up to expectation? It seems every man and his dog is getting themselves over to Boxpark and raving about your chicken burgers at the moment. Not wanting to miss out, we head up there one Thursday evening. A casual spot with counter service, we sup on a pint whilst we wait for our food. Kitchen roll is attached to the wall, we feel like we’re in for a treat.

Here's the deal: there are two burger options, The Original and the Green Chilli Cheese. We order one of each, how can we not. Wings? Of course. Fries? We share a portion, there is some restraint lurking down in the depths. Slaw? Oh, go on then. Twice fried, the wings are fall off the bone tender, whilst the p
anko coated burgers are full of spice, thigh meat wonderfully juicy. Shredded lettuce and gherkin, a match made in heaven on the burgers. Dashi and smoked paprika salt coat crisp fries, and slaw adorned with crispy onions are both as delicious as the rest.

Coqfighter, you did not let me down.

Drink: Owl & Pussycat