Dumpling Shack E1

The Dumpling Shack can be found on a Saturday at Broadway Market, under a gazebo that turns out dumpling after dumpling. They attract a large queue, it’s easy to see why.

Packed full of filling, the dumpling is a tale of two stories. Soft and chewy on one side, crisp and brown on the other, benefiting from both steaming and frying in the large pans. These are Sheng Jian Bao, and they are wondrous. Six to a portion, spicy pork and crab catches our eye. Adorned with sesame seeds and spring onion tails, the soup-like dumplings are bursting with flavourful pork, a hit of spice, and meaty juices. Adding an additional kick, the spicy chilli oil hits the back of your throat.

We leave wanting more, disappointed we have to wait until next Saturday.

News alert! Dumpling Shack Can now be found in Old Spitalifields. Your dumpling needs can now be met every day.

Drink: Dove