Honest EC1

Honest is an institution, a shining beacon in a city teaming with burger joints. The Bower Street branch is warm and inviting on the Monday evening we visit, a super friendly waiter serves us.

To special or not to special, that is the question? With the offering being named a Tribute to Bacon, it’s hard to turn down, and we’re pleased we don’t. Thick hunks of smoky bacon, the all-important burger itself pink and oh so tasty, served with a dinky pot of meaty and rich bacon gravy for dipping. Bacon overload? Some might say so, but when shared with one of Honest’s plain and simple Beef burgers, you get the best of both worlds. There really is nothing better than their flavourful burger kept simple, with just a smattering of sweet onion jam. Crisp fries really do benefit from the addition of rosemary, onion rings are a tad oily but moreish.

Fancy a burger? You can’t do any better a Beef burger at Honest, my go to, my number one.

Drink: The Eagle