We Serve Humans @ The Leyton Star

We serve Humans were winner of best buffalo wings at London Wingfest 2017, and the wings aren't even the best thing on their menu. If, like me, you've missed them at other residencies, don't make the same mistake this time. Located at The Leyton Star, this is a trademark, up and coming location that the Electric Star group is known for. You’ll find a buzzy pub with a hipster crowd, yet elements still remain of the traditional boozer it previously was. With a DJ spinning Guilty Pleasure style tunes, we're tempted to get up and have a dance.

The showstopper, the Chairman burger, is juicy and pink, the all important first bite leaves me nodding in approval as I chew. Acclaimed buttermilk coated wings are tender and full of spice; unfortunately, not so worthy of a medal are the oily frickles (that’s deep fried pickles for the unacquainted).

Burger fan? If you're after a full of flavour fix, head to We Serve Humans, the wings aren't bad either.

Drink: You're in a pub already!