Coba is a Vietnamese joint in what was once no man’s land near Kings Cross. With stylish, minimalist decor, this laid back menu boasts an array of fresh sounding dishes, Banh Mi’s being served at lunchtimes. On a previous visit we had been impressed with the bursting with flavour noodle salads, I had high hopes for the Banh Mi.

Arriving at 14:45, the kitchen has already closed, i'm grateful when the friendly waiter agrees to take my last minute take-away order. Unfortunately, it might have been better if he had refused, sitting by the canal about to take my first bite, I find my hurriedly made baguette is missing the pate and daikon, but with the strange the additions of butter and crispy shallots. Rearranging the extremely unevenly distributed filling myself, I find there to be no spicy mayo on one half, and a pretty measly portion of very fatty bbq pork.

How disappointing, my Banh Mi hopes for Coba dashed.

Drink: The Lighterman