Carrots + Daikon

My first Banh Mi since visiting Vietnam in June, I give the honour to Carrots and Daikon. A deli in Kentish Town, this family run establishment offers an array of Vietnamese dishes for eat-in, takeaway and delivery.

Banh Mi is what i'm here for, decisions decisions as to what protein filling to choose. Going traditional with pork belly and pate, I chew the ear off of the friendly chap who serves me at the counter, regaling him of my travels in Vietnam.

Encased in a heavier than expected baguette and overly filled with under-pickled carrot and daikon, both are forgiven by quality meat with crisp and crackly skin, it sticks to the roof of my mouth in that ever so satisfying way. Hot Sriracha adds a fiery kick.

An enjoyable Banh Mi experience, but my quest for London's best will continue.

Drink: The Southampton Arms