Meat Liquor N1

Home of the Dead Hippie, Meat Liquor has a new addition to the family. The space is fun, retro and colourful. Featuring I Love Dust artwork and an upside down Mc. Donald's sign, the laid back venue attracts a mixed crowd. The kitchen and bar area are housed in a replica train carriage, a nod to the area.

Serving a varied drinks menu, a nearby table opts for a sharer cocktail, it arrives in a giant, toe-shaped receptacle. With almost overly attentive service, we swiftly go ahead with our order. We find the Dead Hippie to be a good burger, just not a great burger. With meat not as flavourful as expected, a well done patty, and too much of the trademark sauce, wefeel slightly disappointed, especially coupled with the overly rich buffalo wings. Nicely spiced but not fall off the bone tender, and suffering from too much butter.

We leave thinking that there are too many new burger places in town to try, and others to re-visit, that Meat Liquor has been taken off the list. The Dead Hippie is dead to us.

Drink: The Fellow