Yard Sale N4

Holy Fire by Foals is a great album, Holy Pepperoni by Yard Sale is a great pizza. Coupled with a bottle of quaffable wine (a steal at £15), it's an ideal place for a casual meal. A small take-away cum restaurant, with friendly staff, feel good music, and playful graffiti adorning the outside wall.

The Holy Pepperoni is awash with flavour: spicy n'duja, spreadable and deliciously savoury, and fennel-strong Cobble Lane pepperoni. Whilst the Smokey Robinson is an exciting love-in with Patty & Bun, the burger topping itself is overshadowed by the caramelised onion and smoky bacon. On both offerings we find the dough crust to be a little chewier than we would have liked. Do try the good quality, fiery chilli oil.

Stone baked pizzas being turned out quickly, Yard Sale offers a varied selection, with some inventive toppings, think tenderstem and cayenne kale. Where Holy Fire's My Number has dancey vibes, Holy Pepperoni has its flavours dancing in my mouth.

Drink: The Blackstock