Franco Manca NW5

Franco Manca, the pizza chain that opened on Kentish Town Road in 2016, polarised opinion. With knowledgable and friendly staff, a changing specials board, very reasonably priced (yet still decent) wine, and most importantly, dishing out incredibly well priced pizza using good quality ingredients, it’s easy to tell which side of the fence we’re on.

Ok, the chewy sour dough base might not be to everyone’s liking, but dunked in their fiery chilli oil we find ourselves going back for more. A mixed charcuterie board arrives strewn with coppa, glistening in its fattiness, peppery wild boar salami, and parma ham, with pieces of bread to wrap the meat up in. A word of advice, don’t bother with the focaccia, it arrives thin and crisp, with nothing of the unctuous oiliness you expect. Go for the chorizo pizza, creamy mozzarella with smoky pieces of cured meat, crisp round the edges. 

Hate chains? This will make you think again.

Drink: The Oxford