Le Bao @ The Rose & Crown

The Rose and Crown has a lot going for it. It has a buzzy atmosphere, yet feels cosy, with an interesting mix of drinks, a basement for events, and it's open til late. The last thing to add to that list is the food. With pop-up residencies, the night we visit Le Bao is in the kitchen. Having recently visited Taipei, this has a lot to live up to.

Gyoza arrive well presented, urging you to dig in. A slightly chewy and hard casing disappoints, but gives way to pork filling that is tasty, albeit slightly on the stingy side. But we’re here for the Bao Buns, and these do not let us down. Pillowy soft, one generously filled with tender pork belly, the other with a large hunk of juicy fried chicken. Drizzled with orange hued gochujang mayo, this adds spice and is pleasantly warming. Scoffing them down in a matter of minutes, we wonder why we didn’t order more.

Taipei, you have competition.


Drink: The Rose and Crown of course!