Mr Ji Pop-Up Camden

With Camden’s Hook being refurbed, Mr. Ji takes the chance to house a temporary pop-up, of the Taiwanese fried chicken variety. There's a casual, fast-food vibe, a few neon signs here and there.

We order at the counter, grab a Taiwanese beer, and shortly after our array of fried chicken arrives on a tray. Their speciality is butterflied chicken, seasoned in your choice of powder (cayenne, ketchup, BBQ, curry). No sauces, just seasonings. Sadly, these taste raw and a little clawing, and we miss a sauce to dip into. The chicken is crisp, but too thin and a bit dry. Sweet potato fries suffer from a similar fate - sprinkled in plum powder they’re far too sweet. The best bit? The sides: Taipei slaw, and black cabbage with cashew, both really fresh and bursting with flavour, a lovely crunch from the cashews - healthy, too.

We leave a bit ambivalent, looking forward to trying Hook when it reclaims the space.

Drink: Simmons Bar Camden.