Gourmet Goat

Taking a wander around Borough market is something everyone should do. A veritable maze of stalls and shops, delectable smells wafting this way and that, enticing you in. Gourmet Goat is one of such places.

Championing ethical and sustainable meats from UK diary farms, this award winning outlet serves wraps and bowls, East Mediterranean style, with focus on meats such as kid goat and rose veal. Juicy kid encased in a soft flatbread (courtesy of E5 Roasthouse), a kick from the green chill salsa, cooled down by the tzatziki. A richer option of slow cooked veal comes meltingly tender, the sweet and smokey sauce bringing it all together. Excellent meat, marinaded and treated with care.

What more could you ask for in a wrap.

Drink: The Globe Tavern