Smashing Plates @ Brother Marcus

If you’ve every wondered about Cretan Food, do yourself a favour and keep your eye out for Smashing Plates Supper Club. The idea of three friends, this sell out event is being held at Brother Marcus, the popular Balham brunch spot owned by the same three pals. The setting is cosy and laid-back, a quick introduction and away we go.

Expertly made espresso Martinis slip down a treat, an unusual and moreish concoction of Tentura, a Greek liqueur, and rum, mixed with super strong coffee. Sharing is the name of the game, first up is some Langana bread, doused in peppery oil, and sprinkled with nutty dukkah. Highlights are tender octopus sat on top of coarse fava purée, and Metaxa (Greek brandy) glazed pork belly with crisp, crackly fat. Appley labneh accompanies, cutting well through the richness of the meat. When sweet and syrupy orange baklava with creamy pistachio ice-cream arrives for dessert, we question why we’ve never eaten Cretan food before.


We might not have smashed any plates, but we did almost lick some plates clean.