Rempah @ The Peckham Pelican

Here you have a Malaysian pop-up serving up traditional dishes with a twist. The Peckham Penguin, the host for the event, is an unassuming kinda place, with the feel of not quite knowing what it is - bar, restaurant, work space? Regardless, Rempah's Eleeta cooks up a storm with a whirlwind of flavours.

We sample a bit of everything: standout is the beef Rendang, slow-cooked in a rich, thick sauce that’s bursting with flavour, and adorned with crispy fried sprats (an optional extra). Also worthy of mention is the coconutty seafood Laksa with perfectly cooked prawns, and well-spiced chicken satay. The surprise dish? Vegan cheesecake. For all you nut lovers, this is one for you - mapley pecan base topped with a luxurious cashew filling. Yum.

Eleeta is a kindred spirit, changing the path of her career with this pop-up. We wish her well.

Drink: The Peckham Pelican